Other GREAT uses for InstaNeedle!

Now that you have your InstaNeedle set, it’s time to start beading!

BUT, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many other uses for your new InstaNeedle products. These two products can repair just about anything and make an impressive team when used together.

InstaNeedle Primer and InstaNeedle X both dry clear and strong. Sets in less than a minute. Full cure 24 hours.  Use in a well ventilated area. Store your bottles in a cool, dry environment.

Stabilize and Repair cracked beads and stones!

Stabilize your cracked bead or cabochon with the InstaNeedle Primer.  Put a small amount on each broken edge to repair any microfractures or cracks. Next, apply a small amount of InstaNeedle X to one broken edge. Press the two pieces together. Now you have a really strong bond and your piece is repaired.

Set your knots!

Put a drop of InstaNeedle X on your knot to set the thread and keep the knots from unraveling. It won’t fray or come loose now. It can also be used to finish the necklace ends in the caps. Do you or your spouse fish? InstaNeedle X works great for fly tying!

Bond stones and embellishments!

InstaNeedle X is really strong and surface insensitive. You can use it to bond different pieces of stone together when designing your jewelry.  InstaNeedle X can be used to set plastic, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, metal, rhinestones and cabochons on your pieces. It only takes a little bit!  InstaNeedle X also will cure quickly without the need of activators. Use it on coiled and fold-over cord ends for extra security.

Strong Bond for setting your stones!

Need to set your stone in a metal backing?  Scuff up the metal just a little and InstaNeedle X will work great to hold your stone in place. For added strength, use a little InstaNeedle Primer on the stone first to give it some additional bonding strength before adhering it to the metal.

Make all kinds of repairs around the house or shop!

Break your favorite coffee cup handle? Use the InstaNeedle Primer first on the broken edges. Then put InstaNeedle X on one side, press the two parts together, wait 24 hours and pour yourself a cup of joe!

Let us know about your successes!

There are so many different ways to use InstaNeedle. 

Share your ideas and photos with us!